Predator's victim lived in constant fear

AN East Devon woman who was harassed by former Honiton man Nigel Wilson after meeting him on a dating website says she lived in constant fear of his threats.

AN East Devon woman who was harassed by former Honiton man Nigel Wilson after meeting him on a dating website says she lived in constant fear of his threats.

Vicky Stockton, 24, was introduced to Wilson on Plenty of Fish last year. But the "nice guy" soon became abusive and threatening, leaving Vicky fearing for her life - even though she never actually met him in person.

She told the Midweek Herald: "To start with he was really nice and then, all of a sudden, just because I said I didn't want to see him, he turned nasty instantly.

"I went on a dating website to meet people, but he wasn't my type and I was being polite when I replied to him.

"Then he sent messages like 'you ugly fat pikey slag' and 'I'm going to hunt you down, beat the cr*p out of you and rape you'.

"He knew what area I lived in and where I worked and I feared the threats would become a reality.

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"I was living in constant fear, looking over my shoulder, wondering 'was that him?' I never expected this when I signed up to the website. If I hadn't have called the police it probably would have got worse. It's like he had a short leash of his anger - one moment he was fine, then he'd just snap."

Wilson bombarded her with text messages and asked her inappropriate questions, such as if she had a high sex drive.

Vicky felt it was only a matter of time before he physically harmed her and it left her in emotional turmoil.

Wilson abused four other women, and Exeter Crown Court heard his desire to have sex with them led him to become jealous and possessive.

Wilson has been jailed for two years after admitting one charge of harassment and four counts of sending grossly offensive, obscene, indecent or menacing messages.

Vicky sat in the public gallery in court and cried as Wilson's sentence was read out. She said: "I completely broke down in court. It took me by surprise but, obviously, I'm still shaken up by it all.

"I feel his sentence is ridiculous as he'll probably only serve a year.

"The women he harassed were dealt a longer sentence. How he could put women through that, in fear of their own lives, is beyond me.

"I'm safe while he's in prison, but I don't know how I'll feel when he comes out. If he hasn't learned his lesson, he could do it again."

Vicky spoke to the Herald to warn other women of the potential dangers of internet dating.

"I want to make sure other women don't go through the same thing. They should know they can come forward and report it. Also, they should be more wary when using internet sites."

Vicky had come out of a four year relationship and her sister had recommended she try the website.

She said: "My sister and her boyfriend are both very happy - so it can work. But I feel I went from the frying pan into the fire. I find it difficult to trust men now.

"I would never use internet dating again. Even now it makes me shake thinking about what happened - or what could have happened. I'm just relieved I didn't meet him for that coffee.

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