Pregnant woman was assaulted, court hears

A HONITON man who assaulted his heavily pregnant ex-partner has been given a two year supervision order.

A HONITON man who assaulted his heavily pregnant ex-partner has been given a two year supervision order.

Johnathan William Fogg, 30, admitted attacking his ex-partner at their home address in Exmouth on December 29 of last year.

The court heard Fogg had shown aggression throughout the couple's 15 month relationship, such as locking her out of the house and hiding her mobile phone

But he had previously warned the victim their young child would be taken away if she told anybody about the violence.

Prosecuting, Karen Ball said on this occasion an argument started and Fogg threw his ex-partner's bottle of moisturiser. He then began to pick up her clothes, asking her if she wanted them thrown out the door or window.

Surprisingly, he put them back when asked - but then physically attacked her.

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Ms Ball said: "He grabbed her by the wrists and violently shook her for about 30 seconds.

"She managed to break free and call the police."

She described how he grabbed her by the face and the victim thought he was going to throw her out the window.

He calmed down by the time the police arrived.

The victim did not sustain visible injuries but had been caused pain, and bruises on her arms were noticed by work colleagues.

In mitigation, Peter Seigne, said the victim had called Fogg's sister, whom he is currently living with, to say she had not been seeking a restraining order. But he added she was not answering her phone at the moment.

He explained that Fogg's contact with his child had been arranged through a third party.

Chairman of the bench Penny Dodd said: "You don't need us to tell you this was unacceptable behaviour."

Fogg, who gave his address in court as Langford Avenue, was given a community penalty incorporating a domestic programme and a one year restraining order not to contact his ex-partner.

The court ordered he also pay �100 costs.

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