Prices give you food for thought

Shoppers in Honiton share their views on rising food prices.

SHOPPERS in Honiton are being hit where it hurts when it comes to rising food prices.

As costs keep going up, consumers are thinking twice about what they put in their supermarket trolleys.

Uncertain economic times has led to a growth in thefts of meat, which has forced retailers to introduce security tagging even on small joints.

“I have noticed food prices going up recently, which is not good,” said Philip Robinson, 60, of Offwell.

“Retailers have really got you when it comes to food, as it is an essential thing.

“It’s something we have got to have a certain amount of.”

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Mr Robinson added: “Pensioners will be the worst hit. I think it’s dreadful that shops are having to security tag meat, but the price doesn’t affect me - because I’m a vegetarian.”

Alison Rankin, 83, of Offwell, said: “I think it is terrible. I’m not buying quite so much food as I used to and I make sure they are things that I want and need.”

Alan Dean, 60, of Honiton, said: “You have just got to look for bargains. I do find myself shopping around more for food.

“It does surprise me that shops are having to security tag meat – it is disgusting, because the rest of us have to pay for it.”

Tim Smith, 40, of Exeter, said: “It is a bit steep, but I haven’t really changed my shopping habits.

“I’m trying to avoid the offers where you get five items when you only wanted one.

“Security tagging meat to prevent people from stealing it is crazy.”

Joan Lane, of Honiton, said: “The price of food is going up.

“My flour used to be �1.25 now it is �1.49.

“The bills are going up, but not on all items.

“As for your spending, you have to cut it according to the cloth you have.

“I don’t like going to one particular place to do my shopping and enjoy having a variety to choose from.”