Prolific burglar to take a ride with police in Axminster

A PROLIFIC Axminster burglar is to be taken for a ride in a police car around the town – to admit to his other offences.

Michael Taylor, 19, reoffended after been made the subject of a community order in March.

He now faces jail, because of the ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule, after admitting to burgling two properties in the town and stealing from a resident.

But the case has been adjourned so other offences he has committed can be taken into consideration (TICs), with Taylor taking a trip out with Honiton CID to point them out.

The court heard the heroin addict broke in to Cloakham Lawns Sports Centre on May 26 and stole goods.

On June 1, he burgled a house in North Street – taking items such as a computer monitor, digital photo frame and disc player.

Between June 1 and 3, he took a woman’s bank statement and cheque.

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Taylor, of Ridgway Court, pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and one of theft at Exeter Crown Court.

In mitigation, Gareth Evans said: “He’s a heroin addict and that seems to be at the route of his offending.”

He added: “He has three strikes for burglaries, so it’s inevitable what’s going to happen.”

Prosecuting, David Bowen said the TICs would give Taylor an opportunity to have a clean slate and would be in the public interest.

The court had ordered the community order in March of this year, with a drug rehabilitation requirement.

Judge Cottle said the TICs would give Taylor a chance to ‘clear up’ his other crimes.

He also asked for a report on his performance under the community order, and recommended sentencing be adjourned

He said: “The order was made in March, not very long ago, so I don’t suppose it could have been a good idea to put you on a community order in the first place.”

It was proposed Taylor would spend time with the police to admit to other crimes he had committed.