Put microchips in flowers at St Michael’s Churchyard

Use of modern technology could put mourners’ minds at rest.

I read in the Midweek Herald that the council is microchipping plants to prevent thefts from the town flower beds.

A good idea I thought, until a picture of a council official bent double scannng plants in all the neighbouring gardens sprang into my mind - a bit like Inspector Clouseau?

When I had stopped chuckling to myself, I wondered why the council suddenly had a glut of microchips to put into flowers. Had these chips been bought with the intention of putting them onto our wheelie bins? Hmmm.

On a serious note, I believe chips can be inexpensively purchased and can be tracked from some distance.

To put them in the funeral displays that are shamefully stolen from St Michael’s graveyard would be an excellent idea.

Patricia Franklin

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