Putting it where the sun does shine

Uplyme’s sewage treatment works are now being powered by 261 solar panels

Energy from the sun is being harnessed to help power the sewage treatment works in Uplyme.

South West Water has spent �106,000 installing 261 solar panels at the works – producing enough electricity to run 50 homes.

Project manager James Pearce said: “The solar panels are part of South West Water’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint and help combat climate change.

“The company already operates hydro-electric and biogas plants and a wind turbine, and the new solar panels will help to further develop our renewable energy capability.

“Generating renewable energy for use on South West Water’s operational sites reduces electricity costs and will have a positive impact on customers’ bills into the future.”

Uplyme is one of 17 new sites where South West Water has installed solar panels at cost of �3 million.

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The savings from the reduction in electricity purchased from the national grid and the income from the feed-in tariff will help keep energy costs down at each site.

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