Putting up with SPAM

It may not be a bad thing - if it makes you look at what is important.

Like many people, I enjoy the benefit of the internet and modern communication – being in touch with people and finding things out in an instant, sharing the events of my life and joining in discussions all over the world.

What I don’t enjoy is the unwanted, tedious communications that come along with this brave new world of communications – what is called as ‘SPAM’ – digital junk mail via email, phone and text.

It seems to be something we have to put up with, so part of my daily ritual is looking through messages to check what is important and what isn’t.

That’s not a bad thing to do from time to time with all of our lives – stepping back and looking at what is valuable and life-giving and what isn’t, learning to get rid of distractions and really living! Looking for what is good and right and leaving behind the dross.

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