Recycling dispute puts pensioner off recycling

Honiton pensioner Alan Cameron confronts recycling collection staff after they failed to empty his bins on three separate occassions.

A Honiton pensioner says he has been put off recycling after a dispute with waste and recycling collectors.

Alan Cameron, of Hale Lane, confronted waste collection staff after they failed to empty his recycling bin on three separate occasions and says he received an “aggressive and rude” response.

He said: “I put my recycling in a large plastic bag inside the green recycling box and they wouldn’t take it.

“I tried to explain that the only reason I put them in there was to stop it blowing about in the wind.

“It is absolutely disgusting that they refused to take recycled items based on the fact that it was in a plastic bag that was full of tins, bottles, jars and newspapers.”

Mr Cameron added: “They made a report against me for putting out household waste and cardboard in the recycling bin, which I definitely have not done.

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“I have been consciously saving waste and I have never ever put anything that shouldn’t be in there.

“I am so angry and upset at this treatment. It has put me off recycling - I am not going to do it anymore.”

An East Devon District Council spokeswoman said: “According to the SITA crew’s report on their log for Wednesday, June, 13 Mr Cameron had placed non-recyclables in his recycling container. Because he had placed a bag of rubbish in the box, the crew would not collect it, which Mr Cameron was not happy about.

“We are not aware that a complaint has been made about Mr Cameron regarding cardboard and household waste.”

The district council’s waste management team has contacted SITA who will investigate the matter.

She added: “Our Waste Management team suggest that people contain their landfill waste in refuse bags or pedal bin liners.

“This keeps the bin clean and limits odour if any unpleasant smelling materials are disposed of in the landfill bin. It also keeps the waste contained whilst it is being transferred from the bin into the hopper of the refuse collection vehicle.

“When recycling, customers can use carrier bags to separate the materials they put in their green recycling box and the crew will collect and sort the waste.

“Also, any excess recycling materials that will not fit into the recycling box should be placed into carrier bags and this will also be collected by our crews.

“If waste that should be in the landfill bin is put into the recycling boxes, it will not be removed by our contractors.”

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