Reduction in mixed hospital accommodation

New figures released by the the Department of Health.

More patients are staying in same sex hospital accommodation.

According to figures published by the Department of Health there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of patients staying in mixed sex accommodation over the last year.

The latest statistics show that in December 2011, hospitals across the South West reported that 30 patients stayed in mixed sex accommodation without clinical justification.

This compares with almost 1,200 patients during the same month last year.

Figures show that unjustified stays in mixed sex accommodation have fallen by 11,035 in just one year since December 2010 - a decrease of 94 per cent.

Philippa Potter, associate director of nursing at NHS South of England said: “It’s great to see such a huge reduction in breaches. Single sex accommodation is essential for improving the patient experience and treating patients with privacy and dignity.

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“However, the improvements need to continue until we reach zero. Local people should be confident that if they are admitted to hospital they will not be sharing their ward with people of the opposite sex.”