Resident’s advice to EDDC’s Executive Board

Consider these points when discussing Honiton Community Centre complex.

I understand there is to be a meeting (or an item at a meeting) re Honiton Community Centre. May I suggest most strongly that the following are considered:

1) Honiton’s Town Poll voted decisively against the building of such;

2) EDDC’s “decision” – not “suggestion” – that the land offered off Dowell Street should be terminated;

3) Present financial climate would not be conducive to big expenditure;

4) The purpose of the meeting at Knowle on 19th August 2010 was to DECIDE. Instead, there has been much see-sawing of yes and no as to whether the proposed building should go ahead. Did the person on EDDC responsible suddenly lose courage of his/her conviction because of, perhaps, “bullying”?

5) It is alleged that Honiton Town Council’s amazing decision to hold certain matters up for discussion have been “in private” rather than in open dedicated Committees.

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Additionally, I would draw attention to the fact that well over �100, 000 has already been spent on Architects’ fees and other ancilliary proposals. Where will the money come from if plans need to be “adjusted”.

Sheila McBrearty