‘Noisy’ builders upset Seaton residents

Home owners say construction workers are using foul language - and can see directly into their homes

Angry Seaton residents have accused a house builder of breaking promises - and making their lives a misery.

Home owners in Axeview Road say they were assured a new estate being constructed next to them would be bungalows.

But they have turned out to be a mix of 15 properties including three and four bedroom houses, many towering above their boundary hedges.

They say the new houses are so close they have lost all their privacy.

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And the residents, some in their nineties, also claim 'unbearable' construction noise has gone on daily for two years - with workmen swearing and playing loud music on their radios.

Developers Baker Estates say they are sorry about the complaints and are working to make things better.

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But Jackie Hemblem, of 14 Axeview Road, says the problem has just got worse.

She said: "If it wasn't for the time of year when the leaves have grown on our boundary trees we should have no privacy at all. The workmen use the most foul language and some of the stuff they say is just unbelievable.

"When my elderly father comes to visit I have to shut all the windows so we can't hear them or the constant construction noise. My neighbour, John Theobald, is 93 and the workmen can see straight into his bedroom window. He has become really depressed about this."

In a letter to Baker Estates Mrs Hamblem, writing on behalf of neighbours Mr Theobald, Kate and Les Baker and Dave and Tina, said they have reached the end of their tether.

She said: "You told us two years ago that you were building bungalows. A few days later a glossy leaflet dropped on our doormats showing houses, this must have been printed long before.

"You told us that there would be a dedicated foreman on site to deal with day to day issues like noise. My grandchildren should not have to listen to the 'F' word whilst in my garden and nor should I or my neighbours.

"I have had workers playing radios, walking about looking down into my property and also at my grandchildren playing.

"I have not been able to pull my bedroom curtains until my trees began to leaf. I cannot begin to describe the stress this has caused."

In a reply Baker Estates said this week: "You are right that at our first meeting we did give the incorrect information on the mix of house types - this was a result of the design evolving quickly.

"Naturally it is disappointing to hear that our contactors have been overheard using foul language and we have made very effort to address this immediately."

They added they plan to meet Mrs Hamblem soon to discuss matters.

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