Response to new Honiton gym venture delights its owner

B! Health and Fitness in Honiton.

B! Health and Fitness in Honiton. - Credit: Archant

The owner of Honiton’s newest gym said he is delighted with the community’s positive response to his state-of-the-art facility.

Craig Bernhardt only opened B! Health and Fitness at Heathpark Industrial Estate in January this year, but four months on, the facility is popular with residents of all ages and abilities.

The thriving gym, which is the second to open under Craig’s direction, offers a comprehensive range of equipment and classes, headed up by a team of dedicated fitness professionals.

Craig, who formerly served in the Royal Air Force and moved to the Honiton area from Buckinghamshire in 2007, said: “The future is certainly looking bright for B!

“We value all of our members and share a pride in seeing them achieve their fitness goals.”

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The idea of B! Health and Fitness was born after years of being a member of various gyms and health clubs up and down the country.

Craig said: “What I had noticed was the general lack of support and expertise I had received in almost every facility I had joined,

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“A basic induction at best and I was left to get on with it! Of course for a few people that’s perfect, but for many others they don’t know what they don’t know.

“They need help, support, guidance and motivation.”

In order to ensure a comfortable training experience for all members, B! gyms have capped membership numbers, which allows the numbers to be controlled at busy times so that everyone can exercise without long queues and delays for equipment.

Craig said: “As we travel through life our bodies change along with our lifestyles. Rich food and drink feature high on the social agenda while the day job becomes more sedentary and our metabolisms slow down.

“The net result is an expanding waistline and greater lethargy.

“But it is amazing how much we can still achieve through regular exercise. Some of my most inspirational clients are in their 60s and 70s but have regained a level of fitness that allows them to live a full and active life.”

And at 50 years of age, Craig is not slowing down with his own training or in achieving his vision for the Honiton gym.

He added: “If the numbers keep going in the right direction and we get to where we want to go, we have plans to extend the available facilities we offer our members in Honiton.”

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