Restoring historic clock is new Seaton mayor’s priority

Peter Burrows clocks on with a pledge to restore town’s ancient timepiece

SEATON’S new mayor has pledged to make fixing the town’s Jubilee Clock a priority for his first year in office.

Peter Burrows says restoring the historic timepiece and the gardens to their former glory will be his main aim in the coming months.

“I will be seeking help from the Seaton community to show that it can be done with as little help from East Devon District Council as possible,” he told The Herald

Mr Burrows was elected mayor to succeed Bob Palacio, in a secret ballot, at the first meeting of the town council following the recent elections. His deputy will be Ray Morgan.

Afterwards he said he was honoured and delighted to be the resort’s First Citizen.

He said: “My aspirations for Seaton are that the town can come together and move forward, after four years of uncertainty, and embrace the regeneration.

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“Love it or hate it, Tesco are building their new store so let them show how they will be supporting the local community through the visitors centre and support for the wetlands.

“There is also an Axe riverside development which I believe will complement the view from the Axmouth side of the Axe. “I will be supporting all organisations like Seaton’s Voice, Seaton carnival and the film club who encourage residents to be involved in making Seaton a lovely place to live in, and welcome those people that visit.

“As Chairman I will be making sure Seaton holds Devon County Council to account if nothing is done with the parking meters.”