Results day looms for students across the country

There is public enemy number one to defeat: the official June 2021 exams

Receiving exam results is a stressful time for students - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

East Devon journalism student Alexandra Walters discusses the wait for exam results

All the craziness of the last 18 months has taken its toll on most of us.

With students from schools, colleges and universities having to do much of their work online. Teachers have done their very best to continue supporting their students with their learning, but it has been difficult to always keep motivated.

Now that many students have completed their exams and coursework there is one thing we are anticipating. Waiting for results is often a time when anxiety levels go sky high and emotions are all over the place. This week will be no different for thousands of students in the Devon area and indeed all across the country. I personally have mixed feelings about getting my results. It is a time where many college students like myself are questioning what’s next for us. Should we go to university and continue through education? What about getting an apprenticeship? Or going out and getting a full-time job? Whatever the decision, it will be a different experience for everyone and the first step into developing a future career or opportunity. 

As we all cautiously start returning to ‘normal’ life, we must take into account if it is the best time to go to university or maybe we could choose to delay this for another year due to safety concerns. Everyone has different preferences and opinions however, we have to keep in mind what is the safest option for us individually and as a large group.

I’m sure many of us are feeling impatient. I myself finished my journalism course in June and it feels like forever since completing it. Trying not to stress out is important as it will not help, it can be upsetting not receiving the results you hoped for but it is not the end of the world, and there will always be other opportunities to succeed in.

Whatever you decide to do following receiving your results, try to stay calm and positive, talk to others about the next path you want to take and gain insight from people who are going through or have gone through this stage. To all my fellow students - GOOD LUCK!