Return project to Lace Walk

‘Now is the time for forgiveness’

With reference to the Honiton Community Centre project... That in these financially straitened times, East Devon District Council (EDDC) did not have a spare �140,000 to give away came as no surprise to anyone .

The tragedy was that EDDC did not at the same time have before them a paper advocating the return of the centre to the Lace Walk car park .

This would have deleted the need for the �140,000, had several extra benefits and enabled EDDC to be seen to be helping and at no cost to themselves .

Since its inception, the centre was scheduled to be sited in the Lace Walk car park and it was only following two shambolic public consultations that it was banished to Dowell Street, but without the knowledge of the need for an extra �140,000.

Now is the time for forgiveness and a return to Lace Walk .

R Nix

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