Road misery in Musbury leads to joy

A MUSBURY mother who has struggled to take her cancer-stricken son to hospital since her car was damaged after hitting a pothole has been inundated with offers of help.

The Midweek Herald reported last week how Tracey Hoare found it increasingly difficult to take 19-year-old Adam to hospital in Exeter following the accident on Seaton seafront.

But members of the public have been touched by the family’s plight - with several garages offering to repair the car free of charge and other residents saying they could take Adam to hospital.

The family have thanked everybody for their help. Tracey said: “Thank you to everybody. It’s moving what people are doing, have done and said.

“There are a lot of good people about.

“It’s brilliant what the garages have done. People around the village have also offered help and others have agreed to give Adam a lift.

“We wouldn’t have been in the Herald if it wasn’t for Adam’s friend, James Farthing. We didn’t do it for publicity or to get help, but more to state the fact about potholes.”

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Tracey and husband Tonybought the �350 Rover Metro to take Adam to hospital for chemotherapy, which he has for four days a week, every three weeks.

RPM Motors and Axe Marine Services in Axmouth have joined forces to pay for the parts and repair the car.

Andy Northwood, owner of RPM Motors, said: “I thought it was quite a moving story, not just the usual pothole kind.

“With Adam having cancer, it must be difficult for them.

“The last thing they need is to be thinking about car repairs with what they’re going through at the moment so we wanted to help them out.”

Julian Langworthy of Axe Marine Services, who is in the business of salvaging vehicles, added: “Cancer touches a lot of people. We all know someone who is going through it or has gone through it. This story brought a tear to my eye.

“The state of the roads is pretty disgusting and it let their old car down. I just thought let’s see if we can do something about it.”

Other residents came forward to offer lifts to the hospital and another said he would sell them his car at a significantly discounted price.

Adam was diagnosed with malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour in 2003 and has already had two operations to remove tumours. Doctors have told the family chemotherapy is the last option.

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