Robbing St Michael’s to pay St Paul’s?

Parishioners fear St Paul’s Church in Honiton can’t pay its bills.

Why didn’t the Parochial Church Council consult with parishioners before deciding to close St Michael’s Church to services during the winter?

Parishioner Rich Gannon posed the question, saying: “Surely, this consultation should have happened before?”

After hearing that a quinquennial inspection would cost �600, he suggested a hat be passed around at the end of the meeting - and pledged to make up the difference.

David Rosenthall, a former member of the defunct St Michael’s Church Management Committee, told Church of England representatives: “I am very concerned that you seem to be using St Michael’s to overcome financial problems at St Paul’s.

“How many churches in the UK don’t pay their way?

“St Paul’s can’t pay its bills, but why should we hive off St Michael’s? What right have we got? We have a responsibility to look after it and keep it as a church.”