Robby backs Herald campaign

He is on a mission - the 77-year-old Axminster pensioner is calling for more cycle paths.

A retired principal prison officer is backing the Midweek Herald’s Safety Matters campaign.

Robby Robinson, 77, of Axminster, has launched a campaign himself - calling for more cycle paths.

Mr Robinson, a member of Axminster Senior Forum and Axminster Lions Club, took up cycling as part of a fitness regime.

He was formerly a motorcyclist, but was injured after being knocked to the ground by a lorry in a hit-and-run incident.

“Your campaign took me by surprise,” he said. “It is good.

“I have launched my own, a one man campaign, to try and encourage people to support a wider national network of cycle paths.

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“At the moment, you’ve got to travel to get to the paths and that means the cost of fuel.”

Mr Robinson, speaking to The Herald last Friday, said: “Look at Exeter - they’ve got some lovely cycle paths.

“We have got nothing.”

He is keen to see every community linked by cycle paths - to reduce safety risks for cyclists.

“Some footpaths in quiet areas could be used for cyclists and pedestrians,” he said.

“It is better for pedestrians to fight it out with cyclists than for cyclists to fight it out with cars on the road.

“Of course, councils have got the ideal excuse not to provide more cycle paths - no money! But a proper network should have been up and running 20 years ago.

“Everyone would be safer and there would be less cars on the road, leaving a greener footprint.”

Mr Robinson, a keen musician, asks: “Why are we the forgotten people?

“Am I mad, eccentric or senile?”

He has stitched his own campaign flag, which says: “We need cycle paths, c’mon.”

“I will fly the flag everywhere I go on my bike,” he said.

“I do not expect to get much comment from councillors.

“I would imagine that, when they drive home from work in their cars, the last thing they will be thinking of is cycle paths.