Ron doesn’t rule out return to council

‘When my health returns, I will return!’

Although he is against plans for a community centre in Dowell Street, ex-town councillor Ron Farnham has wished those leading the project “well”.

In his resignation letter to town clerk Lyn Hargood and outgoing mayor Councillor Vernon Whitlock, Mr Farnham, who lives in Dowell Street, wrote: “I wish the town council well in its venture to establish a community complex - especially the tireless efforts of councillors Vivienne Ash and Vernon Whitlock, and past councillor Michael Teare.

“I, personally, was unable to support them in the present task of establishing one in Dowell Street, although I am very much in favour of the need for one.”

Mr Farnham said it was with “deep regret” that he was resigning from the council as a result of an “ongoing health condition”.

“Although I am gradually recovering, any stressful situation causes problems,” he wrote.

He paid tribute to councillors for their comradeship over the years and to the “marvellous staff” for their support.

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Mr Farnham added: “I would like to thank the very many Honitonians who have given me so much support over the years, especially those in the Dowell Street, Oaklea and Ashleigh Road areas.

“I have always tried to listen to public opinion before speaking at council meetings and I would like to thank all those who have been unexpectedly stopped in the street and asked for their thoughts.”

He has not ruled out a return to office one day. Mr Farnham ended his letter by saying: “Hopefully, when my health returns, I will return!”