Rotten tree to be felled in Honiton

Ash at risk in high winds, says East Devon District Council

Rotting roots means a large ash tree at the rear of a Honiton housing estate is at risk of falling during high winds.

East Devon District Council says it is to fell the tree, behind Lilley Walk, for safety reasons.

A council spokesman said the tree, which has been protected by a Tree Preservation Order, has been inspected by an EDDC tree officer and found to have serious rot in its supporting roots and significant death of a section of the main trunk.

He added: “The tree is at risk of failure in high wind and has been recommended for felling. The disease infection and partial death of the main trunk renders it exempt from TPO restrictions under the ‘dead, dying, dangerous’ rules.”

Another Ash tree, very close to the diseased tree, has grown ‘one-sided’ and this will be pruned and re-shaped to help prevent problems in the future.

The council anticipates that the work will be carried out early next year by East Devon Tree Care.

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In addition, along Roman Way Walk in Honiton, re-coppicing of hazel and some pruning works to ash and maple trees are planned for January 2012.