Rousing finale to Honiton business group’s AGM

The chairman’s speech: Colin Wright aimed to inspire.

HONITON and District Chamber of Commerce and Industry is “not a faceless entity”, but an organisation that makes things happen.

That is what the business group’s chairman said in a rousing end to the chamber’s annual meeting.

Speaking at Allhallows Museum last Wednesday, Colin Wright urged those present to look around.

“You are the ‘face’ of the chamber,” he said. “You are the ‘commerce’ in the chamber of commerce.

“Your chamber exists because of you.

“You have got the ability to push against all the odds and you have got the guts, creativity, fortitude and a willingness to take risks.

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“You make things happen.”

Mr Wright said executive members of the chamber were all fighting for and advocating members’ interests - so members can focus on building their businesses.

Referring to the state of the economy, he said: “It is time we started taking responsibility for the economy. You and me, we are the economy.

“You can do this by making your service or product better, faster, unique and more desirable than your competitors.

“Invest in your business by spending money and developing a plan that will give you the best returns possible.”

Mr Wright concluded: “We are not a charity, we are employers.

“But we are not only employers, we are the work force.

“Let’s get the job done!”