Royal Marine safely home in Kilmington

Lance Corporal Rob Hill reunited with his family after losing seven colleagues in Afghanistan

Royal Marine, Lance Corporal Rob Hill was welcomed back to St Giles’ Church and Kilmington after his tour of duty in Afghanistan with 42 Commando.

A member of the Kilmington Branch of the Royal British Legion, he was married to Gemma in the village church earlier this year.

He said he was grateful to his unit for arranging early leave to attend the birth of daughter Evelyn, but saddened that seven of his colleagues were killed in the course of their duty and a number badly injured.

Urging people to support the Poppy Appeal he said it provided direct assistance to the families of those killed and to those injured, and is being used to build “Battle Back” and “Personnel Recovery” centres so necessary to rehabilitate those members of our Armed Forces badly affected by the strain and trauma of conflict.

LC Hill will be giving an illustrated talk about his experiences in Helmand Province in Kilmington Village Hall on Friday, December 2, at 7.30pm. Entrance will be free but donations to the Poppy Appeal are requested.