‘Sacrificial libraries’?

‘Unfair reductions in library hours’.

Richard How’s letter ‘Grossly unjust cuts’ rightly condemns the unfair reductions in library hours in small towns. However, bureaucrats are not renowned for fairness or common sense. Jobsworths make bad decisions because they are ruled by political masters. The small towns have swingeing cuts in hours simply because they are small and have fewer voters. The big towns have been favoured with small cuts in hours to keep the larger number of voters happy.

The sneaky way this was done is appalling. The jobsworths at DCC created a new category of library called ‘Community Libraries’. The small towns were then classed as ‘Community Libraries’. They then invented a new rule for Community Libraries which enable them to cut opening hours disproportionately. Why could they not have been honest and labelled them something like ‘Sacrificial Libraries’?

Adrian West