Safety fear over potholes

Residents fear it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

Residents are warning that someone will be seriously injured as a pot-holed road in Seaton becomes increasingly dangerous.

Part of Scalwell Park has been left to crumble because no one accepts responsibility for its upkeep.

Young cyclists have already fallen there and an elderly walker slipped over and was hurt.

But angry home owners in the area have been told by the county council that a 100-yard section of the road, at the lower end of the estate, has never been adopted and it is the owner’s responsibility to make it good.

Gwyneth Brazendale, who lives at number 4, told The Herald: “The local authority took over and adopted the upper two-thirds of the road at an earlier date but for some unknown reason they stopped (resurfacing) work, leaving 100 yards with deep pot holes and loose gravel, together with uneven pavements.

“It is an accident waiting to happen. In fact, to date two junior school pupils have fallen from their bicycles when under instruction and an elderly resident has also had a fall.

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“No one seems willing to take responsibility and the residents cannot locate the owner of the road.”

Neighbour Kerry Stocker said everyone was concerned about the state of the highway and was desperate to find out who should carry out the repairs.

She said: “The council got so far resurfacing and realised it should not have been done so 100 yards of Scalwell Park was left.

“We don’t know who owns it – maybe it belongs to the Crown – the council will only adopt it if we bring it up to standard but that will cost a lot of money.”

A spokeswoman for Devon County Council’s highways department confirmed they did not accept responsibility for repairing the road.

In a brief statement to The Herald she said: “

“This section of Scalwell road is privately owned and we cannot spend tax payer’s money resurfacing roads that are not public highway.”