Saga rumbles on...

The clock must be stopped.

I cannot believe that the Honiton Community Centre saga is still rumbling on. Almost every week the saga rears its ugly head, but, for the first time, I have actually read some considered opinions.

I think Councillor Twiss has got it right - the clock must be stopped. It seems a perfect solution for the town council to share new offices and, if this is the case, it may allow those who are for the project to take a deep breath and actually think about the cost implications for the town, rather than focus on their own narrow minded views.

I am so glad that some councillors, including Jill Elson and Chris Wale, have the courage to speak out.

Honiton did have a referendum, but the “No” vote was ignored.

Why can’t The Royal British Legion Clubbe used as a community hall? You’ll soon see whether such a venue will be supported - without ploughing unnecessary funds into a lame duck.

I don’t think we should be railroaded into huge financial commitments in the current economic climate.

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The project shouldn’t have got this far without a robust business plan and to even consider building on an unsuitable site is ridiculous.

I would like Councillor Halse to justify his comment that “the community was in support of the plan”.

I am yet to meet anyone who’s in support of it!

Mandy Kemp