Sandra’s hot new hangout

Honiton mum makes greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles

A HONITON mother of two has taken recycling to a hot, new level – by constructing a greenhouse made from plastic bottles that took a year to collect.

Innovative Sandra Mortimer, 41, had always wanted a greenhouse, but could not afford one.

“One day, I was looking through a gardening magazine when I saw a story about schoolchildren who had made one,” she said.

“I had a look on their website and decided to design my own.”

The greenhouse, which is stapled together, took three weeks to build.

Sandra’s dad, farmer Tony Dunn, showed her how to joint recycled timber to make a frame.

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“My friends are amazed. They didn’t think it could be done,” Sandra told the Midweek Herald.

She is now tending to tomato and cucumber plants, and has just planted seeds for cauliflower and cabbage.

Sandra, who owns a domestic cleaning and gardening business, is a Scout leader in Honiton and hopes to share her construction story with young people.