‘Saxon’ Axminster can ‘no longer be called a market town’

Disastrous planning needs to be undone, says councillor.

We can no longer call Axminster a market town.

We must look to the future, enhancing it but not allowing it to lose its friendly nature.

Ours is a Saxon town and in no way do we want it to look like towns around us.

The town set up a group of people under Axminster Community Enterprise (ACE) which, after much consultation, recommended a progressive revitalisation of the town without going over the top.

It is important that we get the infrastructure, such as schools, health, road and rail interconnecting with the possibilities of an in-town bus service.

We must work towards undoing some of the more disastrous planning so as not to trap people in estates in bad weather.

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I ask you please to read the ACE report which is available at The Guildhall and on the town council website.

Cllr Douglas Hull,