‘Scandal’ - Honiton named fuel poverty hotspot

Campaign group says 18.3 per cent of households having to choose between food and keeping warm.

Honiton has been named as one of the 10 worst areas in the South West for fuel poverty.

Campaign group Energy Bill Revolution claims it is “scandalous” that anyone in a developed country should face the choice of whether to buy food or heat their home and says more help is needed for people in fuel poverty.

More than 18 per cent of households in the Tiverton and Honiton constituency are said to be in fuel poverty, according to figures calculated by the Government.

Energy Bill Revolution is calling on the Government to “recycle” taxes charged on fuel bills into a major new insulation scheme that, it says, will help people use less fuel to keep warm.

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It wants local MP Neil Parish to support its campaign.

Ed Matthew, of Transform UK, which is co-ordinating the Energy Bill Revolution campaign, said: “It is scandalous that anyone in a developed country should face the choice of whether to buy food or heat their home.

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“From next year the Government will have the money to end the blight of fuel poverty.

“This is the most fair and just solution and we hope all MPs will join the 135 MPs who are currently supporting it.”

The campaign wants the Government to bring nine out of 10 homes out of fuel poverty by using the �4billion that will be raised in carbon taxes from next year.

Campaigners claim such a move could quadruple carbon emissions savings, compared to the Government’s new energy efficiency policies, and create up to 200,000 jobs to support the economic recovery.

A public petition has been launched to lobby the Government and can be viewed at www.energy billrevolution.org

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