School supporters hit back

Ofsted survey shows backing for All Saints Primary School up to 75 per cent

Supporters of All Saints Primary School have hit back at critics.

Last week The Herald reported an official survey on the Ofsted website had shown around a third of those who responded were unhappy with how the school was being run.

Some 33 per cent of the 36 people who took part said they would not recommend the school to another parent.

But by Tuesday the questionnaire had received 48 responses and the level of support for the school had risen to 75 per cent.

The Herald website also received a number of positive comments for the way the school is being operated in the absence of head teacher Christine Hollidage.

It is understood she has left her post pending the outcome of an investigation, the result of which has been delayed by her ill health.

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There has also been criticism of the Oftsed survey, with claims it is open to abuse.

One reader wrote: “Ofsted recognise the flaw in the system, any person can create an account linked to any school any number of times and rate that school.

“The real story here is that Ofsted have a flawed system that allows abuse directed toward a first class staff and acting head who are doing a fantastic job.

“The school ran its own survey that limited feedback to one form per family, the results were overwhelmingly positive, for example 98 per cent said their children were happy. That is why I’ll carry on sending my children there - they’re still outstanding, perhaps now more so.”