Scruffy state of Guildhall doors slammed

Showcase hall let down by its “shabby” main entrance

AXMINSTER Guildhall may be the envy of other East Devon towns – but its front doors leave a lot to be desired.

The state of the “decidedly shabby” main entrance was highlighted at the annual parish meeting.

In his report, read by Councillor Sue Spiller, management committee chairman Tim Leat said the building continued to need costly ongoing maintenance and repair work and the council was currently considering whether to replace or renovate the front doors.

He said other improvements would go ahead this summer when, over two weekends, members of local organisations that used the hall regularly would completely strip and clean the stage area.

He said: “To employ outside contractors to complete this type of work would be extremely expensive so we must be grateful that local groups are prepared to undertake such work at no cost apart from material used.”

Mr Leat said that during the past year numerous maintenance tasks had been addressed. The sound system amplifier, which hard ceased to function, was replaced and the new curtains for the main hall were put up.

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Work was also continuing to resolve the issue of poor sound quality within the hall and, in conjunction with the town council, they were seeking the best way to upgrade the main hall lighting.

Urging people to make better use of the building Mr Leat added: “If it were possible to conduct a survey of the people of Axminster and surrounding areas asking ‘have you been to the Guildhall in the past 12 months?’ I would be intrigued to see the results. I have a suspicion that the per centage may be on the low side. To everyone answering ‘I haven’t’ I would say they don’t know what they are missing out on or how fortunate Axminster is. The more it is used the better it can be.”

Mayor Andrew Moulding agreed, adding: “Throughout East Devon Axminster Guildhall is the envy of most towns. We are very fortunate to have such a cracking hall.”