Seagull thief could soon do bird

Lyme Lifeboat volunteer captures the feathered fiend on camera as he swoops to steal mackerel bait

A saucy seagull has been causing a flap outside Lyme Regis lifeboat station’s souvenir shop.

He has been trying to steal packets of mackerel bait from a display board.

But he could soon end up before the beak – after shop volunteer Peter Hampton got photographic evidence of the would-be thief during a daylight raid.

Normally notorious for swooping on ice cream cornets and pasties, the feathered fiend was captured on camera trying to steal from the shop’s crab fishing bait display on The Cobb.

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Peter was behind the till when he saw the gull and swiftly snapped him as he dived down.

He said he hoped it would lead to the villain doing plenty of “bird”.

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”If anyone spots this birdgullar trying to eat our profits please contact a shop volunteer,” he added.

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