Seaton's 'Hub Elves' replace loneliness with Christmas cheer

seaton hub

The elves hard at work packing the giftboxes - Credit: Fay Overington

A new scheme to tackle loneliness at Christmas has been launched by Overington Care's Community Hub in Seaton. 

In a Christmas Campaign to tackle loneliness and social isolation, the  'Hub Elves' will be out Christmas Eve,  delivering donated gift boxes of Christmas cheer to people in the community.

The number of boxes delivered depends on how many donations come in from the community, and the Hub is asking local residents to fill a shoebox or a gift bag. Items suitable for elderly people are suggested, along with a handwritten Christmas card.  

Once all donations are in, local residents can nominate someone who the elves should visit on Christmas Eve. Whether that be a solitary neighbour or a loved one in the community that the nominator can’t get to visit this Christmas, they can apply for a visit from one of the 'Hub Elves' to drop round a Christmas cheer box.

seaton hub

Be an elf for the elderly Community Christmas campaign - Credit: Overington Care

Also, from Sunday, December 20 until Thursday 23, the Seaton Hub will be closed to the public for three days of festive fun with residents. There will be a morning of Christmas activities, carolling and crafting, starting at 10 am, followed by a Christmas buffet lunch and a Christmas movie in the afternoon.  Tickets are £15 per person, with a maximum of 10 guests. Tickets are available from the Seaton Hub reception.  A deposit of £5 is needed and transport to the Hub can be arranged. 

Fay Overington of Overington Care, who is overseeing the operation, said: "We’ve been hearing members of our community talk about how they’re not looking forward to the Christmas season, for many reasons. Maybe it’s their first Christmas alone or it’s one of many; it brings back too many memories; they miss a full house; they won’t be going out; a loved one will be in a hospital or a care home.

seaton hub

Help donate gifts, to create a giftbox like these - Credit: Fay Overington

"Nobody should feel forgotten at Christmas. Nobody should feel alone, full stop."

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To find out more, or book the 'Hub Elves' for someone in the community, call 01297 20336 or email for more information. 

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