Seaton drug addict admits dealing

A SEATON drug addict could face prison after she was caught in possession of heroin, and admitted intent to supply.

Lynette Martin, 38, was found with cannabis and diamorphine after police executed a drugs warrant at her address in Summersby Close, on March 26.

Central Devon Magistrates’ Court heard the police found two bags of heroin at a value of �250, as well as some herbal resin.

Martin said the small bag was for personal use, and that she was couriering the larger bag to somone else.

In a police interview Martin said she picked the drugs up from a place rather than a person. She said she was usually paid with heroin and cash.

Martin was charged with possession of 6.13 grammes of cannabis and less than one gramme of diamorphine for personal use, and 8.775 grammes of Class A drug diamorphine, with intent to supply. She pleaded guilty to all three charges.

The court was told Martin had previous convictions, and the latest one was related to heroin.

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In mitigation, Peter Seigne said under sentencing guidelines, Martin could get a total of 12 months imprisonmnent.

He said Martin was a long-term heroin addict but had been working with ENDAS (Exeter, East and Mid Devon Addictions Team) for a couple of years and had managed to stay clean. He said financial problems drew her back to the drug.

He said: “She fell into arrears with her rent and was desperate to raise some money and saw what was an opportunity to raise cash, in what was an urgent way, by couriering what was a relatively small amount of a Class A drug from one place to another.”

The chairman of the bench said: “It’s not always the amount, but it’s the act. We are mindful to send this matter to Crown Court.”

Martin has been released on unconditional bail to have her case heard at Exeter Crown Court on Friday, July 23.