Dog walkers thanked for preventing Seaton woodland fire

Responsive dog walkers have been thanked after their swift actions helped extinguish a woodland fire near Seaton.

The fire was believed to have been started by a discarded cigarette and Clinton Devon Estates warned it could have quickly spread and caused significant damage to the surrounding countryside.

The hot weather has dried the ground making it particularly susceptible to fires.

John Wilding, head of forestry and energy for Clinton Devon Estates, said: “The fire in Wareham is a stark reminder of how quickly a small fire can get out of control and cause devastating damage to the countryside.

“In this case, the swift actions of local dog walkers have prevented a serious incident from happening here. We would like to thank them for their vigilance.”

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“Simple steps such as ensuring cigarettes are fully extinguished, not bringing disposable barbeques and taking our rubbish home with us, can make all the difference.”

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