Girl guide groups coffee and cake evening

east devon

1st Seaton Girl Guides group hold coffee evening and cake sale for Ukraine. - Credit: Angie Williams

An East Devon Girl Guide group raise £120 for Ukraine in a cake sale.

1st Seaton Girl Guides held a coffee evening and cake sale on Tuesday, March 29 to raise money for Ukrainian relief in Eastern Europe.

Friends and family were invited along to raise money for those displaced by the ongoing war.

One evening the guides were learning about the work being done in Ukraine by 'WAGGGS' the worldwide association of Girl Guiding and decided to run a fundraising event for WAGGGS.

Guide leader, Jane Johns said: “Seaton Guides decided against just sending a donation and set to work using their baking skills to make delicious cakes to sell.” She explained that some of the projects WAGGGS is using the money to help include using meeting places to house refugees and for projects such as a call-centre and distributing food at border crossings"