Friends provide valuable equipment for community nursing team

Jo Barkley demonstrating the ABPI machine on Carol Rowe, a league trustee

Jo Barkley demonstrating the ABPI machine on Carol Rowe, a league trustee - Credit: Lycia Moore

Generous Seaton & District Hospital League of Friends have funded a valuable piece of equipment for the community nursing team.
The ankle brachial pressure index machine, which cost nearly £2,900, will be used in patients’ homes as well as in Seaton Hospital, to perform doppler assessments.
Jo Barkley, a community nurse in Seaton said: “We would like to thank the League of Friends for paying for an automated ABPI MD machine for the community nursing team. This machine is brilliant and has revolutionised the way we carry out our doppler assessments.
“A doppler assessment is a non-invasive test that is used to look at the patient's blood flow through their blood vessels. It can be used to help diagnose many conditions including for example, poorly functioning valves in your legs which can cause blood or other fluids to pool in your legs (Venous insufficiency) or a narrowing of an artery.
It is a predominant assessment that we do to determine the cause of patient's leg ulcers and so defines the correct treatment for that patient.
“A doppler assessment usually takes approximately 45 minutes as the patient needs to have their blood pressure taken manually in both arms and legs separately and needs to rest beforehand. 
“This is time consuming and can be uncomfortable for the patient.
“The new ABPI MD machine allows all the readings to be taken at the same time. The whole procedure is completed within five minutes (the same time for one BP reading). It is, therefore,  incredibly time saving and is much more comfortable for the patient.”
Carol Rowe, league trustee, said: “The league would like to thank the local community for their generous donations which have helped to pay for this much needed piece of equipment.”
For more information on the work of Seaton & District Hospital League of Friends or to find out how you can support the League, please contact Lycia Moore, manager on 01297 20143 or email

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