Seaton: 'I'll never shop in Tesco'

Once again EDDC has sold us down the river.

Once again EDDC has sold us down the river.

It was made abundantly clear that the people of Seaton and surrounding districts were in favour of the Sainsbury's proposal as displayed by the lively demonstration and the vast majority of speakers at the meeting.

No way will Tesco help to regenerate Seaton.

We are surrounded by Tesco stores now, so how will they attract people here? By demolishing our holiday camp they have lost us our only swimming pool and gymnasium. Are they going to replace those?

I, for one, will not set foot in the place if it does get built and I hope all those in favour of Sainsbury's will boycott it too.

Do any members of the EDDC planning committee live in Seaton and realise how high feelings are running at the way they dictate OUR future with no regard at all for our wishes?

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