Seaton: 'Meeting was a farce'

What a farce the meeting to decide which supermarket would come to Seaton, Tesco or Sainsbury s.

What a farce the meeting to "decide" which supermarket would come to Seaton, Tesco or Sainsbury's.The enormous queue which formed outside the Town Hall displaying or wearing orange symbols - as did many shops and businesses in the town, made it quite obvious which Seatonians preferred. Sainsbury's was our choice.

Oh, why did we hope to get justice, and that it was not all "cut and dried" as we suspected.

Well, the residents of Seaton are decent people and hopefully assumed that EDDC would also behave decently and have a genuine vote regarding preference.

We should have known, after years of evidence showing otherwise. This town has always been ignored.

I and the majority of people are disgusted with the EDDC but, then, as the old saying goes "money talks", except in the case of us council taxpayers whose voices are ignored, although we pay some of the highest rates.

No wonder the EDDC was in a hurry to clinch the deal before October 5 when the Monopolies Commission would probably have put a stop to the deal as being illegal.

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Mrs B Duckhouse

145a Harepath Road