Seaton police delighted with drop in recorded crime

Reported offences 30 per cent down in rural parishes during 2010

CRIME figures continued their downward trend in rural communities around Seaton last year.

The latest police statistics show there were 135 reported incidents in 2009 compared with 193 over the previous 12 months – a drop of some 30 per cent and lowest total since 2004.

Areas included in the figures are Axmouth, Beer, Branscombe, Colyton, Combpyne and Rousdon, Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh.

Colyton saw one of the most significant drops in crime levels – down from 96 in 2009 to 62 – a 36 per cent reduction.

But Northleigh recorded the lowest ever figure with no crimes at all in 2010, down from seven in 2009.

Neighbourhood beat manager, PC Steve Speariett said July was the quietest month with five reported crimes - the lowest ever monthly total. February, March and October saw only seven incidents recorded in these areas.

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August was the busiest month with 25 crimes.

He said: “In eight months of the year we saw monthly crime at the lowest levels since 2004.

“We believe that the neighbourhood team, police officers and staff forging strong community links, working with partner agencies, engaging with the youth and taking positive action against offenders has in a large part, led to the reduction in crime.

“There have been a number of successes including the Police cadets, community speed watch, the Axe Harbour boat cover initiative, farm alarm and property marking.”

But PC Speariett said this year would be a challenging one because of the financial cuts.

He added: “But the neighbourhood team, officers and staff at Seaton Police Station will endeavour to provide the best possible service to the community we serve.”

The following crime figures were recorded in the rural communities last year (2009 in brackets)

Axmouth: 11 (14); Beer: 38 (30); Branscombe: 15 (15); Colyton: 62 (96); Combpyne and Rousdon: 3 (5); Farway: 4 (12); Northleigh: 0 (7); Southleigh: 2 (12).