Seaton Rotary appeal for cash to help drought victims

Money urgently needed to buy ShelterBoxes for the millions affected by food and water shortages

SEATON Rotary Club is making an urgent appeal for cash to help victims of the East African drought.

It needs money to buy ShelterBoxes which are being sent to supplement the work of other agencies in the crisis area.

Cheques made payable to Rotary Interaid can be sent to Jean Smith, Stafford Cottage, Stafford Cross, Colyton, Devon EX24 6HZ.

Alternatively they can be paid into the Interaid Account at Natwest Bank, Seaton.

This year has been the driest in the Eastern Horn of Africa since 1995 and the drought affecting the area is the worst in 60 years. Millions of families have been affected by massive water and food shortages. The drought and on-going conflict in Somalia has caused families to flee across the border to Kenya with more than 1,000 people arriving at the refugee camp in Dadaab every day.

Alongside Kenya, Ethiopia is also bearing the brunt of refugees from Somalia.