Seaton’s cheesy claim to fame

Trendy rap takes the mickey out of Midweek Herald headline. All-together now for the chorus... Milk circle a cheesy prank!

Seaton’s low crime rate has put the resort in the spotlight - after providing the inspiration for one of the Grand Bard of Exeter’s trendiest works.

Performance artist Jackie Juno was inspired to create a hip hop rap after seeing a front page story in the Midweek Herald when she was on a visit to East Devon.

“It was on the front page - it really did catch my eye with the humorous headline,” she says.

“It had been sat around for a whole year before I realised what I could do with it.”

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The front page story, Milk circle a cheesy prank, centred on some mysterious milk bottles which caused a stir in the resort after being found on a traffic island in Fore Street and had to be removed by the police.

The hip hop rap juxtaposes the idea of heavy crime and criminal activity in the way many hip hop rappers do but gives it a Westcountry spin.

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She said it was an “amusing” take on Westcountry crime.

During her performance Jackie shows a copy of the paper and even gets the audience to participate.

It is a new addition to Jackie’s repertoire and has proved popular with audiences everywhere.

“They love it and join in,” says Jackie.“They fall about laughing.

“They join in by chanting the headline.”

The 48-year-old has been performing for nearly 30 years and adds singer, stand-up comic and multi-media artist to her repertoire, and is part of a band - The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet.

She took over as the Grand Bard of Exeter at the end of January, which is a seven-year role aimed at encouraging performance artists in the area.

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