Seaton’s real angels of mercy

Unique home nursing service receives multiple nominations in the Healthcare Hero Awards.

Angels of mercy - words used to describe members of the unique Home Nursing Service in Seaton.

The team, employed by the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, has received multiple nominations from readers for the Healthcare Hero Awards 2012.

The awards scheme is being run by the NHS trust in conjunction with the Midweek Herald.

Cornelia Gee was is among those to have nominated the team.

“They are true professionals - dedicated, compassionate and caring,” she said. “They are angels of mercy.

“They inspire confidence and hope, and they always have time to listen, to encourage, to comfort.

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“Nothing is too much trouble for them.”

Mrs Gee says she will be “eternally grateful” to the team’s members for the way in which they cared for her late husband.

He died in March and Mrs Gee says: “they granted him his wish to die in his own home, surrounded by the people and things he loved.”

Wendy Pountney, of Colyford, described team members as “amazing”.

She said: “Without their help, we would not have coped.”

“I will remember their love, help and kindness forever.”

Joan Bisseker, community nurse manager, said: “The Home Nursing Service in Seaton is unique in the depth and quality of care it is able to deliver, and it has grown and developed a way of delivering care that is unparalleled elsewhere.

“Eliz, Helen, Caroline and Caitlin offer shelter to patients and their families who are experiencing the effects of a life-limiting illness, in the form of support, both physical and psychological, and hopefully a feeling of being held at every stage of their experience.

“It is wonderful news to hear they have been nominated for this award.

“I receive wonderful letters of appreciation and expressions of gratitude from patients’ relatives weekly, who always comment on their professional and loving care, constant support and that they would have struggled without their input.

“They are an amazing team, and the district nursing team are all very proud of their achievements and hard work in Seaton.”

Who is your Healthcare Hero? Nominations are still being accepted. Send your nomination to or to the address at the top of page 4. Please ensure the person you nominate is employed by the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.