Seaton’s town development manager is quitting

Carolyn Dunn says her work has not met her expectations when she took on the job

SEATON’S town development manager is quitting her job – just six months into her two-year contract.

Carolyn Dunn is leaving the post on Wednesday to pursue “other business interests”.

She said was going because “I do not feel that the work here has met the expectations I had when I took on the job.”

Ms Dunn has exercised a clause in her contract enabling both her and her bosses to review the position after six months.

She is employed by the Seaton Town Centre Partnership and her salary is jointly funded by EDDC and the town council, with a contribution from Tesco, as part of an agreement resulting from the granting of planning permission for the new store, which is to open on Monday.

A former Chief Executive of the City Management Company in York, and a director of the Association of Town Centre Management, she came to Seaton in April and set about learning about the town and setting up an action plan to improve the centre and maximise the benefits of the new store.

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She said: “I have enjoyed my time in Seaton. I have made a lot of friends and I have particularly enjoyed working with the chamber of commerce. I am pleased to be around to see the new Tesco open and that the public realm around the store is looking so good.

“We have set up the town centre partnership – with members from EDDC, the town council and the business community. We have also started to see some improvements – like bunting in the town centre, a facelift for the toilets and Christmas trees on shops for the Christmas Festival on December 9 and 10.

“However, I do not feel that the work here has met the expectations I had when I took on the job. I have therefore decided to leave now and follow other business opportunities.”

Ms Dunn was complimented on her work by Marcus Hartnell, chairman of Seaton Chamber of Commerce, who said: “We have had an excellent working relationship with Carolyn and were looking forward to seeing some of the projects that we’d worked on coming together. We are disappointed that she is leaving and we wish her all the very best for the future”.

Councillor Stephanie Jones, EDDC’s Champion for Seaton, said: “It is a great shame that we will be losing Carolyn, who was an asset to the town with great potential. We respect her decision. The District Council will continue to work for the economic wellbeing of Seaton and we will continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce to this end.

“We will do our best to jointly minimise any negative impact that Carolyn’s departure might cause. At this time we are unclear as to the implications for the Town Centre Partnership”.

Councillor Graham Godbeer, Chairman of the Seaton Regeneration Programme Board, said: “EDDC is investing funds and officer time in a number of initiatives designed to take Seaton Forward – not least of these the fantastic wetlands project. In these austere times, we have to ensure that we achieve best value for money in all that we do. We have an ongoing interest in improving the economic well-being of Seaton and this new though disappointing development gives us an opportunity to review how best to achieve that in the future”.