Seaton sex tourist jailed

Man filmed himself abusing children in Tunisia.

A sex tourist from Seaton has been jailed after he filmed himself abusing children in the street during a holiday in Tunisia.

Paedophile Peter Williams, aged 52, was able to travel abroad despite being on the Sex Offenders’ Register and having served a jail sentence for child pornography.

He was jailed after police found a film of him and children in Tunisia among a collection of indecent images which a judge branded as the most depraved he has ever seen.

Williams, of Beach Road, admitted 15 offences of making or possessing indecent or prohibited images of children, seven of possessing extreme images, and one of voyeurism.

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He was jailed for a total of 30 months by Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, at Exeter Crown Court, who also imposed an indefinite order preventing him having any access to children.

The judge told him: “You were in possession of a quantity of extreme pornographic images and indecent images of children including moving images of you with children while in Tunisia.

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“These demonstrate some of the most depraved images I have seen in many, many years in practice at the bar and as a judge. I am not even going to describe them in open court. You have also admitted voyeurism.

“You have a previous conviction for the possession of indecent images and you were in breach of the sex offenders’ register.

“You knew the consequences of the behaviour and while you have sought help since your arrest, you should have been doing so from the moment you felt the urge to look at these images.”

Miss Janice Eagles, prosecuting, said Williams was found with a self edited movie clip which showed him exposing himself to children in Tunisia.

The clip then cut to a second sequence showing him on his own in a hotel room and apparently aroused by the sight of children playing in the street outside.

She said police also found evidence that he had spied on a teenaged girl in East Devon and kept the image on his computer for a short time before deleting it.

Miss Eagles said: “There were a large number of images of female and male children aged from four to the teens but predominantly four or five to ten. Many were in the most serious category, which involves degrading images of children.

“There is great concern about five movies featuring young Tunisian children and it appears he travelled abroad to film himself in this way.

“The victim of the voyeurism charge is still under 18 and living in this country. It is of great concern he has moved on from downloading images to creating them.”

She said police found a total of 43 still or moving images in category five, which depicts bondage, sadism or bestiality. A further 144 were in category four which shows adults abusing children.

She said he had already served a nine-month jail term in 2002 for child pornography offences committed in the four preceding years.

Mr Warren Robinson, defending, said Williams is a hoarder who accumulated the images but did not look at them repeatedly.

He said: “He is deeply ashamed of what he is and of his behaviour. He has done all he can since his apprehension to address the issues and seek help.

“He has not communicated with other people or sought to distribute the images.”

Mr Robinson said Williams is not a sex tourist and did not go to Tunisia with the intention of committing offences but did so while he was there.

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