Seaton steps up its dementia-friendly town campaign

Dementia frineds are needed at Seaton

Dementia frineds are needed at Seaton - Credit: Archant

Monthly workshops are being held at The Gateway with a new question and answer session before

The drive to promote Seaton as a dementia friendly town is being stepped up.

Workshops are being held on the first Friday of the month at The Gateway, from 10am to 11am.

They are being run by dementia champions Karen Curnock and Yvonne Addington.

Now they are introducing a question and answer session starting 20 minutes ahead of the main meeting, so people can find out more about what to expect at the workshop.

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The new session is called: H.E.A.D.S U.P.

It stands for:

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Have you thought about what goes on inside our heads?

Everyone needs to know.

Anyone might be affected by diseases of the brain.

Dementia is what diseases of the brain are called.

Support is what we can all give.

Understand more about it.

Please come to a dementia awareness session.

* To find out more call Karen Curnock on 07460244475 : e mail or Yvonne Addington on 07827813776 : e mail

* Seaton HEADS UP is not connected with a similarly named initiative run by Parkinson’s support group.

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