Seaton traffic management set for urgent review

Council promises an in-depth probe into resort’s traffic problems, including seafront parking meters

HIGHWAYS chiefs have promised an urgent review of Seaton’s traffic management – including its unpopular seafront parking meters.

Devon county Council has pledged to carry out the survey within two months.

The promise comes after talks between Devon’s highways and transportation spokesman Stuart Hughes, the town council and the chamber of commerce.

Afterwards Councillor Hughes said: “I had a very constructive discussion and have listened closely to their concerns and suggestions for improvements to the existing on-street pay and display scheme.

“As a result, I have agreed that the promised review will be brought forward and will encompass all aspects of a traffic management plan for Seaton.

“It is hoped that this can begin in earnest in May. In the meantime, I have asked officers to look closely at the issues raised with a view to responding positively as a part of the proposed review which will draw a representative body together including blue light services and public transport operators, among others.”

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Seaton county councillor Jim Knight said: “This has been a long process so it was a positive step forward to have this meeting to start to address some of the concerns which have been expressed in the town. I’m glad to see that Councillor Hughes and the county council have said they will work together with the town to look at traffic and parking in Seaton.”