Seaton Tramway welcomes children from Chernobyl

Breath of fresh air and free goody bags for all.

The group of 12 children, aged between eight and 12, were taken on the tramway’s psychedelic, 70s-themed tram and given VIP treatment on their trip from Seaton to Colyton on Monday.

“It was a good day, everybody thoroughly enjoyed it,” said the tramway’s commercial manager, Sue Bowman .

“There were plenty of happy faces on our birthday tram.”

The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power station disaster caused severe contamination in the area and continues to affect those living there. One of the nuclear reactors at the power station exploded.

As part of the day out, Seaton Tramway gave the children a complimentary ride after receiving a letter from the Sherborne and Yeovil branch of the Chernoybl Children’s Life Line, which wanted to organise entertaining trips for the group, which arrived in the UK on September 19.

The children are on a recuperation holiday and have been staying with host families in Somerset.

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The chairman of the charity, Joan Bicknell, said: “They come over for a thoroughly good holiday, with good food, outings, and friends.

“It is very important that they are all part of the holiday. We want to give them a whole lot of different experiences, as they have limited lives, due to the substantial lack of facilities in Belarus and the poverty they live in.”

The children have a packed schedule of trips and excursions to enjoy before they return home on October 17.

Mrs Bowman said: “It is an honour to think that we can help them and make it a good day that they can remember.

“There were lots of very happy and smiley faces. They all thanked Neil Rutter for driving the tram for them.

The children also received a goody bag each from the tramway.