Seaton vandal condemned for “mindless fun”

New notice board attacked and damaged just hours after it was put up

A VANDAL who damaged a notice board at Seaton just hours after it was put up has been branded “mindless”.

Members of the Mead Way and St Gregory Court Residents’ Association had spent �750 on two information panels outside their homes.

The were delivered at 2.30pm on Thursday, but by 6.15pm the one at Mead Way had been attacked and the glass smashed.

Association secretary Flo Townley said they had spent months seeking quotes, raising the money and getting permission to put up the notice boards outside the two sheltered housing sites.

“They looked just right…I was well pleased,” she said.

“Then I got a phone call from one of our members to tell me that the toughened glass in one of the boards had been smashed. I felt sick to say the least.

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“What is the matter with people? It was doing nobody any harm and might have done the perpetrators some good. I am now just mad.

“All that hard work and now we have to lay out more money to rectify someone’s mindless bit of fun.”

The Association has been told it will cost �150 to repair the broken board. They plan to use tougher glass this time and re-site it to make it a less easy target.