Seaton wasn’t given option to reject parking meters

Former councillor says consultation was “a joke”.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, of Devon County Council (Sidmouth) shows his extraordinary arrogance by continually insisting parking meters should stay in Seaton.

He claims people in the town wanted them. What a joke! When I was a town councillor, I remember DCC staff coming to a meeting and telling us in no uncertain terms that Seaton was going to get parking meters whether we liked it or not and there was nothing we could do to stop them.

They then proceeded to do a joke of a consultation, which wasn’t advertised so hardly anyone knew about it. The questionnaire gave two options - parking meters near the shops or on the seafront. No option to pick to say we didn’t want any. Yet Mr Hughes is using this as his basis for not scrapping the meters.

Mr Hughes has even said that Seaton has been treated more fairly than other Devon towns regarding parking meters. Does anyone reading the above agree?

Seatonians, please let your views be known. We can’t continue to let outside politicians dump on this town and ignore us.

Julia Roebuck

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