Secure future for Uplyme Post Office

Merger deal with filling station is signed

PLANS to merge Uplyme Post Office and Stores with the local garage have been given the official stamp of approval.

A deal to combine the two businesses on the filling station site has been secured and the new venture should up and running early in the New Year.

Around nine part time staff will help run the joint venture, which will include a community shop.

Sub Postmaster Mark Holmes said the move was prompted by the deteriorating state of the current building in Lyme Road.

He said there were “significant cracks appearing in walls and leaks in the roof causing damage to produce”.

He added: “It makes sense to develop this opportunity of combining the two businesses in one location. It will save on costs, improve turnover and hopefully make the business profitable, thereby ensuring its future.”

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He said the opportunity to combine with the filling station arose because its owners were due to retire.

“I thought it made a lot of sense to move there. We have had a pretty positive reaction. People are generally pleased that services are guaranteed to continue. It will make the business more profitable with a long term future.”

Shop manager Gill Stammers added: “I think this is going to be really good thing for the post office.”

Advantages of the merger include:

* A secure future post office services and fuel in Uplyme.

* Safer parking on the garage site and more of it.

* Longer shop opening hours.

* Post Office able to open all day on a Wednesday.

* New services such as DVD rental and freshly baked bread.

* Free cash withdrawal at the Post Office.

* New delivery service within two mile radius.

* The possibility of selling National Lottery tickets.